Carbide Blade Sharpening

Why throw out your expensive blades to have them sit in a landfill? There is a better way for you to save money and prolong the life of your saw blades!

Raleigh Saw offers a complete range of Carbide Saw Sharpening Services.

 We sharpen saw blades up to 44" in diameter.

 We replace carbide tips and refurbish blades. 

 We can roll and tension blades to bring them back to their correct run out. 

 We also re-bore arbors when needed to fit your specific needs.

 Get your saw blades sharpened and repaired at RALEIGH SAW!

 We also offer carbide tip replacement.

Carbide Blade Sharpening:                                                                 Price: 

7" 18T Carbide Sharpen                                                                      $7.00 

7" 24T Carbide Sharpen                                                                      $7.00 

7" 40T Carbide Sharpen                                                                      $11.00 

10" 40T Carbide Sharpen                                                                    $13.00 

10" 50T Carbide Sharpen                                                                    $14.50 

10" 60T Carbide Sharpen                                                                    $14.50 

10" 80T Carbide Sharpen                                                                    $16.50 

12" 60T Carbide Sharpen                                                                    $14.50 

12" 80T Carbide Sharpen                                                                    $14.50 

12" 96T Carbide Sharpen                                                                    $19.50 

12" 100T Carbide Sharpen                                                                  $19.50 

14" 60T Carbide Sharpen                                                                    $16.50 

14" 72T Carbide Sharpen                                                                    $16.50 

15" 100T Carbide Sharpen                                                                  $19.50 

16" 60T Carbide Sharpen                                                                    $16.50 

16" 80T Carbide Sharpen                                                                    $16.50 

16" 100T Carbide Sharpen                                                                  $19.50

Cant find your size blade? Give us a call or send us an email and we would be glad to give you a quote.

If you are interested in having Raleigh Saw sharpen your Carbide Saw Blades; please fill out our customer order form and send the form with your blades to: