Raleigh Saw is one of only a few true full service sales and sharpening shops left in the USA!

We offer sales and services to a wide variety of diverse industries.

     Whether you are in:

               Woodworking, Housing or Cabinetry


               Metal Working & Fabrication

               Granite & Tile

               Concrete & Asphalt

               Tree Cutting or Care

               Crafts & Hobbyist

               Taxidermy and Tanning

               Food Manufacturing

               Picture Framing

               Fire & Rescue Services

               Ice Skating Rink Management

               Pallet Manufacturing or Refurbishing

               Recycling of Metals or Plastic

Raleigh Saw can help you control your expenses and improve your efficiency.

We offer multiple manufacturers in most lines:

               5 Saw Blade Manufactures

               5 Router Bit Manufactures

               9 Diamond Blade Manufactures


Can’t find what you are looking for?

Give us a call or send us an email; you won’t believe the variety of contacts we have to help you find just what you need!